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Massage Centres Around the World
by VI Therapists

Hands That See Massage Studio


Cote-St-Luc, Quebec

"Although our reception staff is sighted, all our licensed massage therapists are visually impaired to varying degrees. It is said that when one of our senses is lost or impaired our other senses become heightened and we feel especially advanced and attuned to the healing and relaxing aspects of massage as we’ve learned to master our already sensitive kinaesthetic abilities."

Perception Blind Massage


Bangkok, Chiang Mai

"Perception Blind Massage was first launched in December 2014, with an aim of introducing new massage concept to Bangkok while providing employment for the blind or visually impaired therapists. We let them demonstrate their unique talent for massage therapy as they are able to fully focus their sense of touch in a way others cannot.

At Perception, we value every single individual equally regardless of their conditions. We do believe everyone has talent and we provide an opportunity to be able to demonstrate it. We are proud and glad that our little space is able to help to improve quality of life for people."

Seeing Hands


Phnom Penh

"Currently, the shop employs 9 blind massage therapists. We have trained at least 17 blind people to become professional massage therapists since we started. We are self-employed, working in Chantharith Seeing Hand Massage business. It is a social business with sound technical skills.

In 2005, we joined funds to start a Massage Shop after graduating a massage vocational training called Japan Amma shiatsu Massage for 6 months from Association Blind Cambodia (ABC). Since it started, many nationals and internationals have known and come to support our shop."

Seeing Hands


Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Pokhara, Boudha

"Seeing Hands is a social enterprise providing training and employment opportunities in massage therapy for visually impaired people. We operate 4 massage clinics across Nepal, each employing teams of professionally-trained blind therapists who provide massage to visiting guests. Part of the fees they earn are used to fund the training and employment of more blind masseurs so the organisation can grow and develop. Over 25 blind individuals have now benefited, and our professional sports-style massage services are well reputed, with excellent ratings on Tripadvisor and in guidebooks..."

Hoi An Blind Massage Centre


Hoi An

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Seeing Hands

South Sudan


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Seeing Hands Massage Studio



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